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ized enterprises mainly support two types of pro

jects. The first type

or small and medium-sized enterprises in the district (county) where the enterprise is registe

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red.China's market watchdog has published two rules for issuance examination and recommendation fo▓

ixed assets, including

r the country's first Growth Enterprise Board, which is a Nasdaq-style ▓stock marke

technological t

t. The rules will take effect from mid-June.▓ The two rules involve establishing an

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ransformation projects tha t adopt new products, new technologies and new t echniques to accelerate industry upgrading, advance
industrial▓ transfer and impl ement energy saving and emissi
on reduction measures, a s wel▓l as
technologica l transforma tion project
s that can creat img e new jobs.
The maximum  img subsidy for
each project should img img
not exceed img img
3 million yuan. If img img
the method of di img img
scounted i img img
nterest loan i s adopte d, the p

Powerful new eriod for di

scounted interest should not surpass two years

Highest Customer and the maximum

amount of total interest subsidie▓s for each project should no

independent committee to approve listings for the G▓EM and the management of sponsors of IPOs. The sponsors of IPOs are required to monitor the companies' performance for three years, up from two fo

t exceed 3 m

illion yuan.The seco

r companies on th▓e main board. The two rules are taken as a key step closer to ▓introducing the much-anticipated GEM, a board intended to nurture innovation-driven start-ups, ▓as the government trie

nd type is s

ubsidy project

s to help smaller companies get financing and enco▓urage technological advances. A Growth Enterprise Board is a securities market provi▓ding financing for small and medium enterprises and new, growi

s of credit guaran

tee businesses for sma

ng firms. In China, it forms part of the mult▓i-layer assets market, together with the main board, small and medium-sized enterprises boards and the out-of-bourse market.The Growth Enterprise Board is char▓acteri

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